Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello to the world with an updated website

One of the mistakes we made when we owned Small Parts was that, in one hand, we really separated the side of our business that supplied quality component from the side that cut, bent, beveled and performed other various secondary operations, and on the other hand we did not. Our custom cutting and manufacturing division was separate in terms that we had a dedicated staff of machinists and technicians working with our customers to modify the tubing, wire and materials we supply. At the same time we did not separate it from the standpoint of marketing and discovery. The capabilities and operations were briefly talked about in our catalog and mentioned on our website, but not much was dedicated to it, though we produced thousands of parts every year.

This time we are dong a better job. We have established Tubeandwirecutting.com to communicate our capabilities while not interfering, or being confused with the distribution site, componentsupplycompany.com. Our intent with this site is show not only our capabilities for the operations that can be performed on the products we supply, but also to shoe people in general what can be done with the many components we supply. We have always believed that great things can happen the bright, creative people are exposed to quality materials and components. Our hope is that this will be a tool for those people.

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