Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Non-Coring Deflective Needles

Non-coring needles are specially configured needles designed with a deflected point. The distal end of the hypodermic needle tube is positioned in such a way that it eliminates the potential to "core" a membrane as it passes through it.  This results in prolonging the life of the septum and eliminating the potential for the tube to become occluded during the insertion process.  A non-coring deflective needle may have a slight offset at the end of the needle, with the grind of the needle parallel with the needle shaft.   Or may have a very marginal offset with the needle opening almost tangential to the shaft.  The latter configuration is referred to as a "Huber" bevel.  Non-coring needles may be ground to a sharp point, or may be almost blunt or soft, depending on their application.  Length can vary from 3/4" to 6", but we have seen applications where custom needles as long as 8" have been requested.